Viumi @ Kasteelruïne in Stein

Last Sunday we were guests at Kasteelruïne in Stein and offered the visitors together with Visit Zuid Limburg an interactive video card with the panorama view of this beautiful location.

Stein Castle is located between the village of Stein and the Juliana Canal. Walking through the ruins of this castle brings both children and adults back to ca. 1200. Laughter of kids and interested parents bring this place to life and make this special spot so very unique. An undiscovered piece of history right there surrounded by the forest and a beautiful lake which make all together a perfect viumi panorama. Hundreds of visitors pass by this undiscovered piece that breathes 800 years of history.

It is a complex consisting of a ruin of the old main castle and the lower outer bailey with an entrance gate, a west wing with carriage house and an east wing with villa. The main castle or “Upper Castle” includes a motte-and-bailey castle on a natural monticule with a large marlstone donjon, which is a medieval fortified residential tower dated from same ca. 1200 and called “White Tower”.

Interested to visit?

In the months of July and August, on Sunday afternoons, the castle ruins of Stein will be open in the afternoon from 13:00 – 17:00 pm. The entrance is for free. Information about the history of Stein Castle is given as much as possible in the courtyard after which the castle can be visited. The volunteers around the castle are very happy that they can reopen the ruins after a year and a half, but still follow the corona measures in force to provide a safe visit.

Please read more about the castle here.

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