Fun innovation for the best digital postcard of the Netherlands

Photographing tourists are unaware of the damage they cause to the iconic tulip fields in the Netherlands. Our company has come up with something unique to solve this, namely: viumi.

Viumi video is created through a short interactive video clip that begins with a close-up of the tourist programmed to zoom out 150 meters to reveal the destination’s panoramic landscape. This time: a wonderful field of tulips, one of The Netherland’s biggest pride.

This is what we call smart software converted into a solution for a real problem. This allows flower bulb growers to regulate the flow of tourists to a predetermined place that has been specially selected to get the best panoramic video. Tourists can download the video directly on location and share it straight away on their social networks. Every year, flower bulb growers suffer from vandalism from tourists who accidentally step on the tulips. That is always done unconsciously, because tourists actually love the tulips. This year, the international tourist has stayed away due to the pandemic lock-downs, however as from next year another one million international tourists are expected to visit the tulips fields again.

Tulip bulb growers can use the viumi during the flowering period and transform their beautiful tulip fields attraction into an organized and regulated campaign. Various initiatives have been set up in the past to make the tourists aware of the damage they create. One of the most famous campaigns is Enjoy the Flowers, Respect our Pride. In the bulb region there were 100 crowd barriers with banners and signs. In the practice it seems that not everyone reads the banners.

Unlike other solutions and campaigns, viumi provides a digital tourist card, the reason for the tourist to come and visit at first. The digital card can be personalised, downloaded in a few seconds and immediately shared on social media. It is therefore also a fantastic way to promote the Netherlands worldwide. With this, the company GDO BV expects to come up with a real solution for both flower bulb growers and tourists because they believe the tulip is definitely a Dutch Pride and every citizens of the world should enjoy the beauty of our Dutch Tulip Fields.

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