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Viumi is a portable system delivered in one suitcase and capable of creating videos that literally give you the bigger picture.

Viumi is created by a short interactive video clip that starts with a close-up shot programmed to then zoom out 150m revealing the panoramic scenery of the destination.

Viumi allows visitors of a scenic location to capture both themselves and the stunning backdrop. The result is memorable and novel. It offers media content that no smartphone could rival.


How will Viumi help?

  1. It increases brand awareness.
  2. It captures your guests best moment.
  3. It enlarges your audience engagement through social media exposure.
  4. It transforms your visitors in ambassadors.
  5. It is the best personalised souvenir for your guests.
  6. It enhances guest experience and creates a great revenue stream.
  7. It captures the memory of your spot forever in only 30 seconds.
  8. It gives you direct access to new customers generating an increase in sales.
  9. It offers a great tool for an easy and cost effective marketing campaign for you and your sponsors.
  10. It is creating a photogenic landmark that draws people to your spot.


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In an era where smartphones are prevalent, video content is just as desirable as print photos and everything is a click away, you need integrated solutions that answer the evolving demands of the modern consumer.

We venture into a jointly designed custom solution for your congress, seminar, corporate event, attractions or amusement park, festival, your special spot or even wedding.

With viumi we revolutionised the selfie stick and made sure you can capture, share, remember and enjoy the best moment of your life.



Attraction Park: Gaia Zoo project

Viumi Selfie visits Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht

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We serve events, attraction parks, festivals, cities and special locations!

When you provide a world class experience, you want your guests to bring home a lasting memory that reflects the pride, care and quality that was invested in building your event, location or attraction. That one unforgettable memory will shows the dynamics of that moment. The new generation is very aware of their online presence and the perfect spot they share with friends and family. That spot should be simply perfect so that they can share it on theirs and your social networks.

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